Author Topic: This 33-year-old is about to trek across Antarctica alone — no-one has survived  (Read 212 times)

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Colin O'Brady wants to become the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided.
Everyone else who has attempted the solo trek has either died or given up.
O'Brady is bringing a 180kg sled to carry all his food and gear, and he's expecting to finish the 1,600km journey in 70 days.
Somewhere on the bottom of the world, 33-year-old Colin O'Brady is readying for a task that no human has successfully accomplished. He's about to travel 1,600km across Antarctica alone, without any resupply support.

Everyone who has ever attempted that solo journey has either given up or died.

"This is something that no one in history has ever accomplished, and people have been trying for 100 years," the American explorer told Business Insider. He talked to us from his Airbnb in Punta Arenas, Chile, just 10 hours before heading to Antarctica in a Russian cargo plane.

With the help of his wife, Jenna, O'Brady was finishing last-minute prep: they sewed a piece of warm fleece onto his face mask, weighed food, and packed it all into the 180kg bags in which he will carry everything he needs to survive the next 70 days.

"Every little gram and ounce that I put in my sled has to be worth it," he said. "I bring 100kg of food, but one pair of underwear. I'll be filthy at the end!"

O'Brady is starting his trek at the tip of the Ross Ice Shelf. A small plane will drop him off there. Then, some time about now, he'll start the uphill climb - on skis - toward the South Pole. He hopes to end up at the Ronne Ice Shelf, which borders the Weddell Sea.

Trekking 1,600km in 70 days means O'Brady will have to cover average of 6km per day, toting his sled of gear. But he said the daily distance will vary from the beginning of his trip to the end. Each night, a sleeping bag and a tent will shelter him - somewhat - from the bitter cold.

If something goes wrong, O'Brady is equipped with a satellite phone.

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