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Q & A: Keeping on top of your 'Unread Posts'.
« on: December 02, 2013, 05:49:26 PM »
You will notice on the right of any Post you have not read, there is an orange button with New on it -
Now while this is helpful when you log in each time it unfortunately tends to slow your log in speed down. The forum software/template holds these markers in memory for you and over time they also slows the forum load time for not only yourself but everyone else. So here is how you can manage your Read and Unread and keep the forum loading fast.

Up top on the left under “Hello John ( or Jim or James or Joe) is “Show unread posts since last visit.”

Click on this and a list of topics will be displayed. This is the quickest way to gain a list of topics since you last logged in.
From there you can view the topics you wish.
You will notice underneath:

Once you have read what you wish you may then select ‘Mark All Messages as Read” or if you wish to come back then use “Mark Selected Read”.
The Last one ‘All Unread Topics’ is the main one to allow you to have a total cleanup and be rid of all the icons.

Select ‘All Unread Topics’. This should bring you back pages and pages of posts and topics all carrying the icon with them.

To have your cleanup, Select ‘Mark All Messages as Read’ - top left.

All Topics and Posts will be cleared of the icon and you will be returned to the forum home page.
Do this on a regular bases to help us all :)
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