Author Topic: New PC and Transferring WD and Wxsim Forecasting S/W  (Read 1741 times)

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New PC and Transferring WD and Wxsim Forecasting S/W
« on: April 17, 2014, 01:28:24 PM »
I managed to get WD as backed up each night with just new files, onto a usb hard drive plus my Wxsim files as well.

Once WD was setup I double clicked the .reg file to setup the prog properly, but it wouldn't start because a dll file was missing or somesuch so then I went and downloaded the latest build complete to get all files in their places properly and it ran fine. Then I reset the datalogger function back to the time I shut the PC for restoring all the current missing data while down and shut WD down again, and restarted.  It picked up all the missing datalogger stuff from the console and filled in the graphs properly.

But I had not setup Wxsim, for forecasting.  I then did that and reduced the download as above, and separated the old forecasts out, then set it it up - eg unsetting DLS.  I ran Wxsimate and it downloaded all the data, and it created an imported data file.  Ran Wxsim in auto - all fine and ran right through generating the graphic data which showed the storm coming - all good, and it then ran the normal tail blue screen of creating the file through and stopped with Error 53 - File not found. 

I have emailed Tom and he said to look for latest.txt which holds the sequence of calcs which generated the forecast.  So will do that tonight when I get home.  otherwise I have other software utilities to setup to make it automated and to update the PC clock with an NZ atomic clock at Otago University every 6 hrs or so etc, etc.  the "new" old PC is a refurbished HP 3GHz PC from PB Technologies, $368 with 2 year warranty extension.  And - it does not require a fan standing over the top!!  LOL!

Will come back with solutions.


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Re: New PC and Transferring WD and Wxsim Forecasting S/W
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2014, 03:26:09 PM »
Hope all goes well Graeme.

Within the last month or so, I have upgraded our old PC that was running XP to a cast off from the Uni (my wife's old PC in her office).  A substantial improvement to a quad core 2.66 GHz machine.  The University wiped it clean, so we had to get up and running with Windows 7, plus Office 2013 and then load all the other stuff. 

But of course, my weather station software had priority so I did that first.  And all went rather well - I'm using Cumulus so did a fresh install of that but then copied all my copied folder contents in to replace the default contents. 

With Wxsim, I basically did the same, copied all my folder contents on to a USB stick from the old PC, did a fresh download (latest versions) from Tom's site, ran the install, then replaced the default folders and contents with those on my memory stick (but carefully looking first that I didn't replace any newer files from the fresh install).

I was very pleased to see with my first forecast run that it ran perfectly.

Hope you get yours sorted though.
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